Larison Rock

May 31, 2008

A hiker’s homily: If the rain sprinkles down only during the drive, but the sun joins you for lunch, only to hide again behind the heavy clouds, you have to count your hike as one of the best in the season. The trip to Larison Rock was just such a day. Sprinkly rain all the way to Oakridge, then a cool cloudy walk to the top, but our lunch was warm and relaxing up on “the rock”. We were too early for the Rhododendrons — which were just budding out some color, and a little late for the orchids — which were pretty “hang dog” after last Wednesday’s rain. But our little band of three got a bird’s eye view of Oakridge, had a nice “workout hike” and enjoyed each others’ company. The trail is muddy in spots, but all the tree-fall is cleared. In the first mile of the trail, poison oak lurks. Walking sticks recommended, wish I’d had mine!

Hikers were: Paul Flashenberg, Sandra Larsen and Barb Revere, leader.

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