Masonic Cemetery/Obsidian Lodge

May 26, 2008

Vi Johnson, Board Member of the Masonic Cemetery and an Obsidian, greeted nine of us at the Hope Abbey Mausoleum around 11:00. We enjoyed coffee and refreshments while we learned about the cemetery and how it has been rejuvenated. We saw the new bathroom and later saw the new entrance gate. With our walking maps, we were able to locate the gravestones of the early Eugene shakers and movers. Hendricks, Chambers, Harlow, Kincaid, McMurry, Patterson, Bristow, Condon, Dunn, and Whiteaker were a few of the familiar names. We were most interested in George and Sybel Collier (Collier Glacier) At 12:30 we gathered in the Public Square at the top of the hill for the playing of Taps. Effie Neth, Lana Lindstrom, Caroline Forell, Tom and Judy Adamcyk headed home while Dick Hildreth, Sue and John Orbeton joined me to walk to the Obsidian Lodge. Dick and I had a great time showing off the lodge to Sue and John before we started walking back on Spring to Madrona, Woodland and through Oak Knoll Park, an oak restoration site located at the west end of Hendricks Park. From there we walked on forested trails through Hendricks Park and then headed down the trail running parallel to Fairmount. We were back at our cars around 2:30. Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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