Fernridge Wildlife Bike/bird

May 25, 2008

It was a lovely overcast spring day for riding bikes along the bike trail then to the end of Royal Avenue to the wildlife area. Along the route we saw several acorn woodpeckers and an osprey carrying nesting material to its waiting mate in the nest in addition to the usual variety of ducks, redwing blackbirds, herons, etc. Once at the wildlife area, we walked to the viewing platform to be treated to the spectacle of a group of about 20 white pelicans in the distance and three pairs of cinnamon teal ducks in the foreground amidst the mallards and other water and shore birds. It was the perfect day to be surrounded by the music of the birds.

A special thanks to the rain for holding off until after the outing.

Participants were: Janet Hall (leader) and Kurt Koivu.

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