Mt. Baldy and Amazon Headwaters

May 24, 2008

On the morning of 24 May 20008, as six Obsidian members started on their hike up to Mt. Baldy, off Dillard Rd., the question on everybody’s mind was: Is it going to rain or not? As we started our brisk walk up the Amazon Headwaters trail to Fox Hollow, it soon became evident that we would be spared rain showers. Gradually, more light and sun filtered through the trees, brightening our path. By the time we reached the eastern slope of Mt. Baldy, the sun was fully out, and the grassy meadow was a lush verdant green, a condition that will turn to light brown by mid-summer. As we wound down Baldy to the other meadow below, we stopped by a pond that sits at the base, on the northwestern side of Baldy. This spot of water will turn to mud eventually, by August at least, but in the meantime it is a refreshing sight for the eyes, and the only water feature in this 3.5 mile hike. Participating is this activity were Jean Coberly, Myron Cook, Julia Richardson, Sally Quigley, Liz DeShetler, and Richard Sundt (leader).

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