Rooster Rock

May 24, 2008

The crew — minus one no-show — left the South Eugene H.S. parking lot shortly after 8:00, picked up the last two members — Mike Wolfson and Ryan Borden — in Brownsville for a short trip to the trailhead near, rather than at, Trout Creek Campground. Shuttled a vehicle up to the Rooster Rock Trailhead to allow for a different return trail. Great day despite the weather predictions of possible thunderstorms! The trail was as expected a steady uphill climb to reach the huge Rooster Rock. The trail was in great condition with nothing blocking the path thanks to member Gary Kirk who had recently been involved in clearing the trail. Noticed the Fairy Slippers, Bear Grass and some rhododendrons blooming. Reached the Rooster Rock just in time for lunch. The sun warmed the spot and gave us views of the Rabbit Ears (hidden behind the trees), snowcovered Belknap Crater, House Rock, etc. After a rest, food, photo and conversations, began the return trip heading down Rooster Rock Trail. Madrone trees were seen in several spots along the trail. At the final approach to the cars, the rain did sprinkle. Thanks to a great crew of hikers! Charlie VanDeusen, Mike Wolfson, Ryan Borden, Lynne Moody, Elle Weaver, Chrissy Anderson, Mel Zavodsky, Pat Hutchins, Brad Bennett, Tom Adamcyk and leader Laurie Funkhouser.

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