Trials Country

May 17, 2008

Four hikers showed up for a very warm half-day hike at the beautiful natural park just outside Eugene owned by Jim Gillette, who was co-leader of the hike/mountain bike trip (though for this time there were no bikers). Because of the heat, it turned into a tale of “Five Little Hikers” (à la Agatha Christie's mystery story), where one by one the heat or time got to each of us. Luckily, Jim showed up in a timely fashion on his ATV to provide a cold drinks and then to pick up each hiker as she or he gave out, and we all ended up hale and hearty. Sighted along the six-mile hike were four colts (at the beginning—one of them just one day old), several lizards, a snake, a grouse, two raptors having a territorial fight (turkey vultures or hawks? couldn’t quite tell), and a stray dog, who luckily was easily scared away. We also encountered old-growth Doug fir, lots of madrone, huge maples, cedar, and oak savannah in the highly varied terrain. Next time we start early in the morning to avoid heat! The hearty hikers were Obsidian members Jane Allen, Anne McLucas (leader), Margaret Prentice, Pat Soussan, and guest Robert Coleman.

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