Briggs Hill Winery Bike

May 15, 2008

A bicycle wheel needs to be “true”, by which we mean perfectly circular in shape. Signatories on a sign-up sheet need to be “true”, that is reliable and honorable. It helps when riders have a “true” respect for the environment, where true means sincere or genuine. And it's nice when the weather holds “true” to prediction (warm and sunny) where true means accurate. “True” is a wonderful and flexible little word.

Three true enthusiasts took the 3rd annual Briggs Hill Wineries ride on 5/15/08. We lunched on the patio at Hinman’s while swallows did aerobatics and the sun dissolved the last remnants of coastal overcast. We exercised up the hills and gravitated down. It was a truly fine 35 miles! Riders were: Peter Graham, Stewart Hoeg and Larry Dunlap, leader.

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