McKenzie View

May 8, 2008

Stewart Hoeg and I waited but the rest of you failed to show at Alton Baker Park on a chilly, mostly cloudy Thursday morning. Ah, you should have been there. We had a marvelous time viewing the spring greenery along the McKenzie and Marcola Rivers. Good conversation made the miles go easily and I'm happy to report we solved many problems that lay heavy on the world. Stewart is certainly doing a great job as treasurer for the Obsidians. I tried to talk him into a one-way trip to a foreign beachfront location using our endowment fund but he couldn't be persuaded.

At the Marcola store (where the coffee isn’t bad!) we met a BLM guy giving a bunch of Swedish foresters their first look at old growth up McGowan Creek. There is apparently a 70 acre site that is all that remains of the shaggy giants that used to fill the hillsides around this valley. I plan to go back to explore them next time when I bring my walking shoes.

Our trip back through Springfield was uneventful, though Stewart tells me I really ought to learn how to find the bike path. Nice way to spend a morning! Larry Dunlap, leader.

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