Gillespie Butte and Skinner Butte

May 6, 2008

We met at 9:00 at the River Play Discovery Village parking lot where we “discovered” the replicas of Spencer Butte, the columns, a Rain Circle, the ferry, and Willamette River. From there, we hiked along the bike trail, over Delta Highway to Clinton Road and up Crenshaw to Gillespie Butte and the Gillespie Cemetery. It was hard not to notice the 15 house development planned on both sides of Crenshaw. The highlight of the Gillespie Cemetery was Margaret Essenberg’s discovery of the chocolate lilies nestled in a plot of shooting stars. Janet pointed out the Woodsmen of the World monument and Dick Hildreth discovered the Women of Woodcraft monument. Janet Hall described how she used to play in the cemetery and how some Native American graves were marked down lower on the north side. She pointed out where they dug for fossils in back of Willagillespie School. She said, “I also remember the zoo at Skinner Butte Park and how sad it was to see the bears in such small cages.” We walked back the way we came to Lamb Cottage where we started up the Skinner Butte Trail. Richard and Margaret Essenberg knew the viewpoints where we could see the magnificent eagle sitting in the nest up in the trees. They also pointed out two bushtit nests and the heron’s nest. It was now lunch time and everyone was hungry. Unfortunately, I didn’t ask people to bring a lunch to enjoy at the top. The trip took 3½ hours.

Hikers were: Myron Cook, Walt Dolliver, Margaret Essenberg, Richard Essenberg, Janet Hall, Dick Hildreth, Jim Pierce, Julia Richardson, Ruth Romoser, Charlie Van Deusen and Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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