Willow Creek Road to Gimpl Hill Road

April 23, 2008

John Winquist guided us on segments of the Ridgeline Trail from Willow Creek Road to Gimpl Hill Road. We walked on old roads and deer trails through forests, oaklands, poison oak, and blackberry bushes. The poison oak was mainly in one spot and quite low to the ground. John pointed out the city-owned segments, easements, and other concerns that would impact the trail. He explained how the Ridgeline Trail and the Willow Creek Nature Conservancy Project are connected. It was a stop and go hike with John answering one question after another. We took a side trail up to Murray Hill for some views to the west. The brisk wind hurried our departure back down the hill and on to Gimpl Hill Road. It was a short ¼ mile to Johnís home and his vehicle. He shuttled us back to our cars on Willow Creek Road. John has lived in the area for ten years and has developed relationships with the city, property owners, The Nature Conservancy, and other wetland resources. He has worked to clear trails where needed. We couldnít have made the hike without his trail through the blackberry bushes. Johnís story of the Ridgeline Trail is one of cooperation and hard work. Nonmember, Roy Barker, and his GPS provided the details of the trip: The one way hike was 2½ miles with an additional ¼ mile to Johnís house. The hike took two hours and 11 minutes that included 42 minutes when we werenít moving. It was 370 feet to Murray Hill. Thanks to John for the tour. John has offered to lead the hike again. Donít miss it.

Hikers were: Joan Abel, Roy Barker, Pat Hutchins, Janet Jacobsen (leader), John Jacobsen and John Winquist.

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