Ridgeline Trail

April 9, 2008

The well maintained 1.5-mile trail from Blanton Road to Willamette at 52nd had the best display of trillium, calypso orchid, fawn lily, hounds tongue, spring beauty and false Solomonís seal. The Lane County Youth Corps has just begun to gravel the 1.2-mile section from Willamette to the trail junction. The highlight of this section was the log framework that the Obsidians recently built in a mud sinkhole. The Youth Corps has already spread the gravel and it is now a dry oasis on the muddy trail. Jim also pointed out where his motorized wheelbarrow tipped off the trail and the gravel had to be reshoveled. He received tons of sympathy. Another 0.7 mile took us to the Fox Hollow parking lot where we stopped for lunch and brief moments of sun! Connie Pierce, first time hiker, helped us compose a six-word description of the trip: Slippery mud borders wondrous trillium city. Alas, this description didnít do justice to the next section, the mucky 0.8 mile trail over to Dillard Road. It was an easy walk down Dillard Road to the Mt. Baldy parking ot and another 0.4 mile to the top of Baldy for the views. Then it started to rain and we quickly started down the trail to Spring. The steep trail was muddy, rutted and treacherous. Water flowed down the mountain bike ravines. One was forced to straddle or try to stay upright on the slick slopes. The rain stopped just as we reached the two cars waiting for us at the trailhead. The wildflowers were the reward for our muddy shoes! Thanks to the drivers who made this car shuttle work so well. Jim Pierce offered his six-word-trip report: Copious calypsos, trillium treasures, slimy skiing. And another from Barb Revere: Muddy boots, plastic bags, clean car!

Hikers were: Jane Hackett (leader), Janet Jacobsen (reporter), Mary Morrison, Connie Pierce, Jim Pierce, Barb Revere, Bill Rogers, Ruth Romoser and Pat Soussan.

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