Talking Stones

April 5, 2008

Intermittent showers and colder weather were not what we expected for our interpretative walk with co-leader, Rick Ahrens. He was an enthusiastic guide in our search for the Talking Stones in the Whilamut Natural Area of Alton Baker Park. The 11 stones were quarried from a basalt deposit in traditional Kalapuya territory and each is inscribed with a Kalapuya word and its English equivalent. He was able to pronounce the Kalapuya words and share information about the Kalapuya people, who numbered 15,000 at the time of Euro-American contact. He also pointed out birds, osprey nests, trees, plants, Stream Team and Nearby Nature projects. He led us on an obscure path around the Nearby Nature volunteer project to restore native plants and then on to Wildflower Hollow. It was a three-hour walk: We learned lots and were also glad we didnít have to take a test!

Hikers were: Joan Abel, Rick Ahrens, Donald Burton, Marianne Camp, Daniele Delaby, Julie Dorland, Margaret Essenberg, Richard Essenberg, Yuan Hopkins, Ginny Reich, Roger Reich, Barbara Sutherland and Janet Jacobsen, leader.

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