Trail Maintenance

November 22, 2008

Obsidians, Eugene Parks and Open Spaces (EPOS) staff (Lorna, Jason, & Emily), and a couple of non-members all met up at the main Spencer’s Butte parking lot at 9 a.m. for native plant restoration along part of Spencer Butte Trail. Those of you who have hiked Spencer’s Butte during the past year know that EPOS has done some major improvements to the trail including replacing the old rotten foot bridge with a long-lasting raised dry-stone pathway. Due to all the work in the area and the heavy use the by pass trail saw the native plants took a really beating. To help restore the area and make the path seem more integrated into the environment we planted: sword ferns, sedges, firs, lilies, trilliums, starbursts, and other native plants. These plants will help the area regenerate more quickly and help keep the trail looking as beautiful as we all want it to be.

Workers were members Matthew Bell, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Todd Hammans, Stewart Lewis, Jim Pierce and Dave Predeek, and nonmembers Josh Grezsund, Ed Lizewski and Rick McMonagle.

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