Broken Top

September 13-14, 2008

What with the warm, wet late conditions, the skeeters are particularly persistent this year. And none of us thought to bring deet! Oh well. They were only really bad within the first two miles of the trailhead. After setting up camp at the Broken Top spring and resting for a bit, we took a 3.5 mile tour counterclockwise around the large Green Lake.

We were first on the mountain in the morning, starting our climb a bit after six and reaching the summit block by about 8:15. Sue belayed me up the NW corner of the block. As I neared the top I heard Lubos call out something like “End of rope!”, so I slung a nearby boulder and tied the rope to it. Kirk chose to just watch as first Lubos, then Sue follow the rope up to the top. None of us wished to go back down the rib, so we untied the rope and descended the standard route—the ramp to the south.

As I was packing gear back down below the block, I noticed a group of about half a dozen (Mazamas?) taking a weird route around the north side of the pinnacle, then up the east side. Huh?

We were back in camp at about 11, and after lunching and resting a while longer, hiked back to the car. Per Sue's suggestion, we stopped at the Elk Lake Lodge for ice cream.

Climbers were: Wayne Deeter (leader), Kirk Hendrickson, Lubos Hubata-Vacek and Sue Zeni.

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