South Sister

August 31, 2008

The day started off clear, and we were full of optimism. But clouds were looming. . . We hit the trail about 9 a.m., reaching the glaciated lake just under the peak about 12:30 p.m. By then the clouds had crept up over and obscured the peak, the wind was blowing hard, and the temperature was in the 40s. In a close vote, democracy ruled and we turned back from that point. Hikers included Obsidians Janet Jacobsen, Barb Revere, Greg Milliman, Charles Durham, Madeline Blumm, Talie Smith, and non-Obsidians Ben Muir and Shannon Harty. Leader was Buzz Blumm.

(As a footnote, the Blumm family made a return trip four weeks later and successfully summitted the mountain on Sept. 28 . Unfortunately, Cecile broke her ankle on the scree slope on the way down — we eventually hobbled out five hours later, and well after dark.)

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