Crater Lake

March 30-April 1, 2007

This was the fourth somewhat annual trek to Crater Lake for a weekend of cross country skiing, snowshoeing, hiking, great food and lots of conversation with new and old friends. At a headcount of 43, we filled the Prospect Historic Hotel to overflowing. On Friday many chose to stop by the lake for a few hours of their favorite sport and were greeted by sunshine and warm weather. Others went directly to the hotel and then did the waterfall hikes in and around the town of Prospect. The “town” of Prospect is three blocks long! That night 31 of us elected to try the spaghetti feed at the hotel, which was great. Others went to the pizza place at the north end of town for pizza and as Judy Newman put it “fish and chips to die for”. After a fantastic breakfast in the hotel dining room on Saturday morning, we gathered up our lunch sacks and headed for the lake, a 45 minute drive north. We were met by a weak sun and very strong, cold winds. A group of skiers led by Sue Wolling led off the pack with Scott Hovis and Anne-Marie Askew leading the fast snowshoers on a map and compass trek. The rest of the group (slower skiers and slower and/or first time snowshoers) went out on the West Rim Trail. Once in the trees, we were protected from the winds. Later that day, back at the hotel, everyone agreed it had been a great day. Joella Ewing was spotted picking up debris along the road into town. That lady is a keeper! We gathered for exchanging of the day’s adventure stories on the hotel’s front porch and in its parlor. A most wonderful meal was then served. The decibel level in the dining room reached an earsplitting level so that the owner, Fred Wickman had to ring a authentic “school bell” to get our attention. Sunday morning, Jan Jacobsen made an announcement during breakfast. The new “Automatic Trip Report Writer” was now online. Seems it would go to all my reports, get the flavor of how I write, given a few facts about the trip, it would generate a completed report. This program was created by John Jacobsen. Now knowing full well John’s talent where computers are concerned, I was breathing a huge sign of relief. Thank heaven I didn’t have to write a report! Oh yes, it was April Fool’s Day and I fell right into the trap. Sounds like a great idea though. I think John should work on it, don’t you? After breakfast we again grabbed lunches. Some packed up and left to go hiking, some just hung around the hotel for a while. The rest of us, approximately 24, trekked back up to the lake to meet Kevin who works for the Forest Service. He led us on a information-filled snowshoe walk which lasted about two hours. He spoke of the adaptation of both trees and animals to the harsh winter environment of Crater Lake. At this time there is usually 10' of snow remaining, but it is currently down to a depth of 8'. He said someone told him in Crater Lake there are two seasons: Winter and August! During that time, out in the meadow just south of the lodge, he held a snowshoe running race. Seven valiantly stepped forward to give it a try. The race was won by Keith Newsom. Way to go Keith! That was the end of a great weekend. My thanks to ALL the participants for making my job so much easier and enjoyable. We’ll have to do it again.

Participants were members: Tom Adamcyk, Jane Allen, Zella Andreski, Anne-Marie Askew, Mike BeBout, Gayle Berge, Barb Bruns, Lynda Christiansen, Walt Dolliver, Julie Dorland, Joella Ewing, James Floyd, Kathleen Floyd, Ken Frazer, Mary Frazer, Brian Hamilton, Mary Hamilton, Sylvia Harvey, Scott Hovis, Jan Jacobsen, John Jacobsen, Daphne James, Sandra Larsen, Lloyd McEntire, Sue Meyers, Anne Montgomery, Royal Murdock, Judy Newman, Keith Newsom, Barb Revere, Kathy Riddle, Sharon Ritchie (leader), Ellen Sather, Chris Stockdale, Glen Svendsen and Sue Wolling; and nonmembers: Judy Adamcyk, Chris Christensen, Gary Darnielle, Ron Green, Sherwood Jeffries, Noreen McEntire and Peggy Windle.

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