SOLV Beach Cleanup

March 24, 2007

After rain threatened us with a soaking as we neared the coast, the sun tried to come out all morning at Carl Washburne State Park. We hit the sands with hoards of other people who must love this park as much as we do. We had to compete for the trash on the the beach! Many families were out and the kids were rushing ahead of parents calling out each new find. Fun aside, it is heartbreaking to really get down close to the sand and see the confetti-like sprinkling of blue, red and purple bits of broken up plastic—it is everywhere! From pieces hardly bigger than this comma, to postage stamp size, there is no way to really remove it but squat down and pick it up piece by piece. Some of our group quit this tiresome job and crossed a small creek north of the park and were able to get away from the crowds. They came back with bags bulging with pop and water bottles galore. We all split into “car-groups” to head off to lunch and to sight-see before returning to Eugene and rain. According to the SOLV website, 5,472 people visited the Oregon coast on this day, walked 362 miles and removed 46 tons of trash. My thanks to my companions for a job well done!

Members: Ann-Marie Askew, LaRee Beckley, Daniele Delaby, Joella Ewing, Margot Fetz, Yuan Hopkins, Judy Newman, Barb Revere (leader), Bonnie Richman, Beth Roy, Barbara Schomaker and Barbara Sutherland. Nonmembers: Barbara Camin, Wayne Cleall and Ginny McVickar.

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