Midnight Lake

March 17, 2007

We had just started up the steep section of trail when we heard a loud Crrraack; sure sounded like a ski broke. But both skis seemed intact when the skier picked up his feet. However, when he removed his skis at lunch, we could see a very large crack with several branches just beyond his boot! Plus the bottom of the ski had delaminated underneath the crack so there was a bubble - not evident going uphill, but it did slow him down a bit on the return. Amazingly, the ski held for the rest of the trip!

It was great skiing, especially considering that we saw lots of bare ground along the road on the drive up. There was 4' of snow according to the gauge at the beginning of the trail. The snow wasn’t too icy nor was it too sluggish on the way down — it was just right! We skied in one layer only with two people in t-shirts. It sure felt like 65 degrees! Sharing a fabulous day were Jim and Kathleen Floyd, Laurie Funkhouser, Bob Huntley, Lana Lindstrom, Sue Meyers, Dick Moffitt, and Peggy Windle.

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