Cape Perpetua

March 10, 2007

What began with 16 hikers on the sign up sheet, between the predicted rainy weather and the flue that was going around we ended up with nine.

For the coast at this time of year, we all felt that the climate was actually mild. In the open areas, the wind reminded us of a “not yet over winter” status. The rain that came down, was actually a mist, the air was fresh, crisp and clean. As we hiked up, the fog would roll in and out from the shores, occasionally giving us a peek at the view, always astounding. The forest was magic and rejuvenating.

We were also graced with the youngest member of our good group. “Kaylah” Jane Allen’s 9 year old grand-daughter. Who held her own in this 900 foot climb. . . we all enjoyed her.

Special thanks to Daniele Delaby for driving and her marvelous sense of humor. Linda Hovey for sweeping. Members Jane Allen, Barbara Boylan, Ken Augustson, Martha Welches and “nonmember” Bob Cullinan for joining us. As usual it was most fun.

P.S. We also all enjoyed a bit of hot cocoa in Florence, perfect ending for a perfect day.

Signing off: Zella Andreski “leader”.

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