Diamond Creek Falls

March 10, 2007

A dauntless dozen gathered, expecting forecasted RAIN. But blue skies prevailed with nary a drop until the trip home. The snow was crusty after recent rains. The trail was littered with small branches and lichen. Trail obstacles were negotiated without injury. The dauntless dozen paraded through all seven canyon view points and often paused to listen to the breeze in the trees. The falls were all spectacular, with lots of water. We took 90 minutes to reach the Upper Diamond Creek Falls. After lunch beside the falls, the return route was along the FS road and the Vivian Lakes trail. We enjoyed spectacular panoramas and majestic mountain hemlock forests. The return took an hour. In the parking lot, Marianne fed us her wonderful poppyseed cake. Which attracted the entertainment. . . Clarke’s Nutcrackers removing tidbits from open hands. We almost beat the rain back to Eugene. Enjoying the lovely outing was qualifying non-member Heather Croson along with members Marianne Camp, Kathleen and Jim Floyd, Daphne James, Barb Revere, Patrice McCaffrey, Sharon and Jim Duncan, George Jobanek, Ann-Marie Askew, and leader Jim Pierce.

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