Amazon Connector to Dillard Road

February 24, 2007

Hearing dire predictions of winds and rain eight people showed up prepared for the elements. At this time of year the understory is lush with a variety of mosses, ferns etc. all in varying shades of green. We heard a few birds, probably winter wrens and encountered runners and other hikers, some accompanied by their dogs. As expected the trail was muddy in parts and some of the gravel has washed off the trail but it didn’t slow us down or mar our enjoyment of the morning. The wind blew through a couple of times but our luck held, the rain held off for us till we returned to the cars and then the heavens opened in earnest.

Out enjoying this nearby hike were Max Brown, David Call, Kathryn Golly, on her third Obsidian hike, Ellie Maliner, James McConkey, on his first hike with us, Mary Morrison, Margaret Prentice and Nola Shurtleff.

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