Urban/Nature Walk

February 17, 2007

Since this hike has never been led before and is definitely not in any Bill Sullivan book, I was in a quandary as to what I should call the hike, how long was it, and what was the elevation gain. So I gave it my best shot for advertising purposes and when 14 hikers met at the Churchill Shopping Center I asked them to give me their opinion on those wonderments when we were finished with the hike. We started out by walking along Warren St. for about ¾ mile then cutting into the woods and up a steep, paved path. When we got to the top we walked along a residential street for about ½ mile. At one point we had to stop while six deer ambled down the street and eventually wandered into someone's yard to graze. I now felt justified in calling this hike a nature walk. We started our descent at another wooded area but this time we followed a small creek that was swollen due to the recent rains. We crossed Timberline St. but kept on the paved path until we reached Brittany St. At that point we stayed on city streets, cutting through the playground at McCornack school and eventually winding up at our cars. Everyone had an opinion on mileage and elevation gain, and the consensus was 4 miles maximum with an elevation gain of around 500 feet. Marshall Kandell, being a man who has a way with words, suggested I call it SW Eugene Hills walk, which I will do if I lead it again. The hikers who enjoyed some good exercise on a beautiful day were: Pat Hutchins and Carol Stern, both non-members, and members Max Brown, Daniele Delaby, Walt Dolliver, Sharon Duncan, Jim Floyd, Kathleen Floyd, Bob Foster, Marshall Kandell, Marilyn Kerins, Margaret Prentice, Barb Schomaker and leader Joanne Ledet.

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