West Eugene Wetlands

February 16, 2007

Our quiet (nearly) 5-mile walk began at Meadowlark Prairie Overlook on Greenhill Road. We crossed Amazon Creek and continued to Danebo Avenue, by way of Willamette Daisy Meadow. Melodies of song sparrows filled the air. An occasional red-tailed hawk, and multitudes of mallards and Canada and snow geese, gave us reason to stop and gaze. We passed several black tarp-like structures, evidence of numerous native plant restoration projects that someday will transform this landscape into one that more closely replicates what the Native American Kalapuyan knew and revered. On our return, we took the Tsanchiffin Walk, a half-mile loop that gave us a much closer look at tufted hairgrass and cattailsóby way of bridges and boardwalks made of recycled materials.

Members: Chris Cunningham (leader), Jim Floyd, Kathleen Floyd and Pete Peterson. Nonmembers: Jens Andersen and Kathryn Golly.

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