Rosary Lakes

February 15, 2007

It was close to 50 degrees and raining when five slightly crazy snowshoers met at the South Amazon parking area to head up into the mountains where rain was also being forecast. They arrived at Willamette Pass to 39 degrees and more rain. Unfazed, everyone got out there snowshoes, pulled up their rain hoods and began dodging puddles in the parking lot as they headed east and into the snow. The first two and half miles of the trail was old, compressed snow that was littered with debris. Views were limited by fog and rain. As the group got higher, conditions improved. The rain stopped, and they found themselves walking on fresh snow. At the first lake, a lunch break was made—standing up (to avoid sitting in wet snow). Pulpit rock was hidden in the mists, but the overall view was ethereal and appealing—if not spectacular. After lunch, the intrepid group continued on up to the 2nd and 3rd lakes. The trip back down was highlighted by occasional views of Odell Lake. The lake had been hidden by the mists on the way up. The group got back to the car and began the drive home just before a resumption of steady rain. Although the conditions had been less than perfect, everyone enjoyed the trip and agreed it was far superior to spending the day indoors. The damp but happy group included members Jim and Kathleen Floyd, Daphne James, Sue Meyer and trip leader, Stewart Hoeg.

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