West Eugene Wetlands

February 3, 2007

On a crisp and slightly overcast day 15 hikers, all members, met at the Safeway parking lot on W. 11th for a hike to the West Eugene Wetlands. We started out by taking a slight detour to Stewart Pond to check out the bird activity there. After spending a little time there we connected with the Fern Ridge path and proceeded through the Wetlands. We were very fortunate that Rick Ahrens was one of the hikers and he made the hike into a wonderful educational experience and not just an opportunity for good exercise. Not only did he talk about the history of the Wetlands, but he spotted birds that I would certainly have overlooked. We saw kites, kestrels, harriers, meadowlarks and more sub species of Canada Geese and ducks than I knew existed. Thanks Rick for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us. After stopping for a snack at Meadowlark Prairie, we turned around and walked back to Danebo St. where we caught a city bus for a short ride back to our cars. While that was the official end of the Obsidian hike, some of us went to the north side of town to hopefully see the falcated duck that blew in from Asia. Luck was with us and we enjoyed watching him display his beautiful markings in an attempt to catch the eye of the ladies. Time will tell if he was successful. The members who enjoyed a great day were: Rick Ahrens, Jennifer Barnes, Max Brown, Daniele Delaby, Walt Dolliver, Julie Dorland, Jim Duncan, Sharon Duncan, Paul Flashenberg, Sam Houston, Sachiko Iwasaki, Mary Morrison, Margaret Prentice, Beth Roy and leader Joanne Ledet.

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