Rosary Lakes

January 28, 2007

Departed under foggy skies from Eugene which turned into blue skies at Lowell. Parked (24 degrees!) at the ODOT facility just beyond Willamette Pass Ski, put on our gear and started up the Rosary Lakes trail. The trail was. . . icy! After skiing for approximately 20 minutes concluded it was too icy. Decided to try out Midnight Lake instead. As we reached the car, spoke with the Sheriff who informed us that it is NOT okay to park at ODOT (fortunately no ticket!) and is okay to park in the Willamette Pass parking. Then off to Gold Lake Nordic Area, geared up again, and headed up. Much better! Greeted Scott Hovis’ group who overnighted at Bechtel Shelter as we headed up the road. Lunched in the sun at the “fake” Midnight Lake. Then continued up the icy path to Midnight Lake — also in the sun! The trip down was a great glide. Felt we had the place to ourselves since we did not see anyone else after Scott's group. The agreeable, enthusiastic group: Eben Fodor, Jesse Rapp and Laurie Funkhouser, leader.

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