Gold Lake/Bechtel Shelter

January 27, 2007

Never underestimate the determined spirit of a group of Obsidians set on reaching their destination. One Saturday morning 16 people loaded their snowshoes and backpacks and set off on a trip to the Gold Lake parking lot on what promised to be a glorious sunny day. Just east of Oakridge a semi truck had jack knifed blocking both lanes of traffic. We were told it would be a 3–4 hour wait before the road was to open. We discussed other options but none were as desirable as a day in the snow. We stalled long enough to notice that some traffic was moving through town. One brave member pushed the red light and approached a car asking if the road had been opened. The good news was one lane open and we were once again on our way. It is funny how much more you enjoy a day when for a moment you thought it was not going to happen. The sky was sunny and our spirits bright. We were treated to a tour of a delux model igloo and a round trip hike through the snow. Members were Zella Andreski, Ann-Marie Askew, Marianne Camp (leader), Laurie Funkhauser, Linda Hovey, Sachiko Iwasaki, Daphne James, Margaret Malsch, Jim Pierce, Glen Svendsen, Kaushik Vaidyanathan; nonmembers: Heather Croson, Debbie Hibbard, Anna Malsch, Charlene Pierce and Carmen Stephens.

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