Gold Lake via Marilyn Lakes

January 7, 2007

After canceling the trip for Saturday 1/6/07 due to Winter storm warnings, was able to reschedule for Sunday, 1/7/07. After introductions, the eight of us headed up to Gold Lake arriving around 10:00 a.m. under cloud covered skies with lots of fresh snow! We strapped on our snowshoes and headed off. A trail had been broken which made snowshoeing a little easier. The trees were laden with snow as we weaved through them to reach our first glimpse of Upper Marilyn Lake. Continued on our way to lunch at the Gold Lake Shelter. On the return trip we headed back to Lower Marilyn Lake then turned up to the Gold Lake Road. Sam was hindered by a strained muscle and the road seemed to be the better return option. The return trip required some heart-pounding trail breaking but not for long! Enjoyed the fresh snow with the great crew of: Daniele Delaby, Marianne Camp, Heather Croson, Michelle Tambellini, Sam Tracer, Yuan Hopkins, Ted Bushek and Laurie Funkhouser.

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