Square Lake

January 7, 2007

When we got out of the cars at Santiam Snow Park, it was windy, but it often is in the mornings. We expected the winds would lessen later in the day. But they didn’t. It continued to snow and the winds just kept getting stronger. The trail to Square Lake goes through the burn from a large fire that swept through the area some years ago and it is an interesting landscape, which from time to time we had an opportunity to enjoy in some of the more sheltered places. We took turns breaking trail through deep, heavy snow, crusted over by the wind in places, and guided by GPS and compass bearings. After reaching the lake, there was little inclination for a leisurely lunch because of the persistent wind, but the lake was a beautiful sight. The trip back was brutal. The wind was now directly in our faces. Frozen pieces of ice on the dead branches kept breaking off and pelting us. But this was a strong group and there were only smiles when we reached the cars. Skiers were Lizzy Grater, a non-member from New York, and Obsidians John Cooper, Sue Sullivan, John Mowat, Mari Baldwin, Royal Murdock, Dave Jensen, Chris Stockdale, Doug McCarty, and John Pegg, leader.

Hitting the PCT — snow looks good.

Usually we’re looking UP at this sign.

Doug McCarty at the lake.

Oops, lost one skier.

Yes, that is the sun (for a second or two)

Well, at least 3 made it out — John Cooper, Doug McCarty and Lizzy Grater.

—photos by Chris Stockdale

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