Cape Mtn/Horse Creek Trailhead

January 1, 2007

Fun, fun, fun! Upon invitation, Mary brought her two delightful goats, Plum and Legs, to join our willing group. We all enjoyed meeting and hiking with the two well-behaved goats which added one more positive to this much overlooked but absolutely terrific hike. The trail offers up and down terrain alternating thru forests and open elk meadows, historic lookout site, multiple expansive ocean views, possibility of whale sightings (none on this trip), fording a creek and a good workout on the steep section at the end. The rain mercifully spared us — only about ten sprinkles on the hike. The trail was slightly muddy in spots and there were a few downed trees. Sharing a hike with a congenial group of strong hikers was a perfect way to start the new year. Thanks so much to Mary for bringing her handsome goats and to Becky and Charley for driving. Fellow hikers were Sheila Carter, Bob & Volyo Freed, Rebecca Hansen, Mary Holbert and Plum & Legs, Daphne James, Sue Meyers, Pat Sorenson, non-members Jon Tesdell and Charley & Leslie Wright, and leader Effie Neth.

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