Eel Creek/Umpqua Dunes

November 11, 2007

One of the last hikes of the Summer Trips season turned out to be a five star hike according to Leslie Wright. Her husband, Charlie, said it was the best dune hike ever. He calculated the mileage for the dune/beach loop as 7.2 miles. For Pat Soussan, it was her first dune hike and was she impressed with the diverse vegetation. Carol Petty remembered her last not so pleasant Eel Creek hike where it rained and the wind blew. She couldn’t believe the 62-degree weather with bright sun and little wind. Walt Dolliver was thrilled to see elk at the Dean Creek Viewing Area plus two California sea lions surfing and eating their lunch up close to the beach. Janet Jacobsen was surprised when Charlie cut off the ends of a long kelp tube that he found on the beach and then held it to his mouth to sound out Taps. It was Veterans Day. The leader, Jane Hacket, commented, “I've led this loop trip many times. It is getting harder to find the north trail on the loop since the sand is covering up some of the markers.” All of us felt lucky to be at the coast on a most remarkable day in November. The last stop was Mo’s for chowder and fruit cobbler.

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