Tahkenitch Dunes/Threemile Lake

October 14, 2007

Tahkenitch Dunes is always a pleasure to hike, but this particular day was spiced up with some unexpected off-trail adventure. The entry onto the beach just before Tahkenitch Creek is no longer possible, apparently due to high water cutting a new channel and a pile of debris blocking the way down to the beach. We followed a faint trail to our left a few hundred feet through the dune “forest” (small firs and understory) until we broke out into the open on the foredune. From here, we had to turn south about 100 feet towards a wooden 4x4 post which marked a way down to the beach. (Some of us, being more eager than prudent, chose to slide down the foredune to the beach.) There are several somewhat vague paths in this area which are likely to get more pronounced as more hikers take the necessary detour. Hopefully just one trail will become the obvious route to help minimize the impacts. Thank you Barb Revere and Daphne James for your willingness to venture forth into the brush to find our way! We hiked in cool, overcast weather (but no rain), with a moderate breeze on the beach. After a brisk beach-walk, spotting seals and pelicans along the way, we headed up the trail to our lunch stop at the top of the dune overlooking Threemile Lake. As we continued on the loop back to the trailhead, we felt compelled to stop frequently and admire the many varieties of mushrooms springing up out of the damp earth. Particularly beautiful was one specimen of an amanita mushroom (Amanita muscaria) that had to be the “poster amanita” of all time; it was absolutely stunning. Our thanks once again to Chris Pawling for his fungi expertise!

Hikers were: Tom Adamcyk, Wayne Cleall, Walt Dolliver, Julie Dorland, Steve Gunn, Daphne James, Bob Jones, Doris Jones, Barbara Morgan, Chris Pawling, Barb Revere, Beth Roy, Elle Weaver, Marian West and Mike Wolfson.

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