Ridgeline Trail

October 13, 2007

First, my thanks to Janet Jacobsen who led this hike with me. With 12 hikers and two capable leaders, we decided to divide into two groups and hike in opposite directions, passing car keys when we met. Janet Jacobsen led the “wests”, from Spring Blvd. to Blanton Rd., accompanied by members: Jim and Kathleen Floyd, Yuan Hopkins, Jane Allen and Nola Shurtleff. (After the first couple of miles, one hiker decided to hike down the Amazon Headwaters Trail and catch the bus home.) I led the “easts” accompanied by members: Max Brown, Carol Stout and Elle Weaver and nonmembers: Lena Houston and Kent Mueller. We had planned a “slow” group and a “fast” group, but either the “fasts” were slow, or the “slows” were fast, because we met in the middle, as nearly as we can determine. All had a good time on this sunny day and our hike was finished before noon and before the valley filled with smoke. Net elevation gain for this hike is +/-150 ft., but there is a lot of up and down involved. Maybe next time someone will have a GPS and we can determine how much climbing is involved. Considering the rain we have had in the last two weeks, the trail is in relatively good condition. The mud promised on the signup sheet was scarce — all except for the switchbacks down the north east side of Baldy, that is. This trail is chewed up and gooey and it was a slow-going for the “fasts”, who had to walk down that section. The wooden bridges anywhere on the trail should be treated with suspicion. Tread carefully, they’re slick! Barb Revere, leader.

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