Matthieu Lakes

September 29, 2007

This hike to Mathieu Lakes ended up being an adventure! Nine of us left SEHS under cloudy skies. As we wove up hwy 242, we started seeing snow by the side of the road. Each turn seemed to reap more snow. Before we got to the Dee Wright Observatory, there was more than 3" of snow on the trees. When we got to the parking lot, snow was on the trees & ground. We checked out the trail and could see the trail. Tracks were on it so we proceeded. Sun came out & some of us took our coats off. As we got towards the top, snow was getting deeper and we couldn’t see the trail. After scouting and much discussion, the decision was made to go back. It had clouded over, wind had come up and clouds were coming in fast! We were going to have a quick lunch but decided to proceed on down the trail. Found a more secluded spot lower on the trail and had a quick bite. Continued on down the route we had gone up. Snow was melting on the way down. Trail was slushy & roads were clear to McKenzie hwy. Contrast of fall colors on the bushes with snow on the trees was beautiful.

Since we were back to the cars early, opted to stop at the Rustic Skillet. One member got car sick on way back but she was a good trooper. She was feeling better when we got to SEHS. Rather than have her wait for her ride, Barbara Schomaker took her home.

Everyone was very cooperative and a good lesson to all that you should always be prepared for whatever may come up!

Hikers were members: Sheila Carter, Walt Dolliver, Phyllis Fisher, Yuan Hopkins, Debbie Hubbard, Susan Sanazaro, Barbara Schomaker (leader) and Michelle  Tambellini (co-leader); and nonmember Lynne Tracy.

photos by Michelle Tambellini

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