The Twins

September 27, 2007

The sun was out, the breezes balmy, the sky clear of clouds as we hiked to the top of the Twins on what may have been the last summery day for a while. The trail is well used since the Where’s Waldo run ascends to the summit of the North (lower) Twin. We were there by noon, took in the view of Waldo Lake, and proceeded to the top of the South Twin where we had lunch and admired the cloudless view. Even the yellow jackets, often a problem in the Fall, left us alone. We descended down the SE scree slope of the higher Twin and worked our way around to the West where we found the trail which goes past the Twins to the Carlton Lake area. Soon we hit the intersection of the trail to the summit and headed down. We were back in Eugene a little after three. Enjoying this hike were John Mowat and Margo Zauner.

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