Fuji Mountain - Mt. Ray Loop

September 27, 2007

Elle Weaver, Kurt Koivu, Lynne Moody, Doug Jordan, Brad Bennett and Lyndell Wilken set out for Mt. Fuji on a perfect weather day. The starting point was the Fuji Mountain trail head off of Waldo Rd. After three miles we enjoyed a brief stop at Birthday Lake. Moderate temperatures kept the climb to the top comfortable and enjoyable. The views of Waldo Lake and surrounding terrain were superb. On our return we followed the South Waldo Trail to the Lower and Upper Island Lakes. We continued on to the Mt. Ray trail head where we tried to read the Cy Bingham tree blaze from the early 1900s. When we arrived at Waldo Lake Road we crossed and walked the final two miles back to the car on the Gold Lake Trail. The 16-mile trip met all expectations and revealed other hiking possibilities in the Waldo Wilderness.

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