Rigdon Lakes

September 23, 2007

HIKERS DEFEND LUNCHES FROM DETERMINED FLOCK OF ROBBER JAYS!— well, maybe only a dozen jays, but they were determined. We left Eugene under grey, cloudy skies and quite cool temperatures, but by Oakridge, we were in rain, which became snow showers by the Waldo Lake road. The showers were short-lived and we remained dry, if cold, for our day of hiking. Much of this trail is in the 1996 Taylor Burn, with many standing snags and a continuing faint smell of burning wood. It skirts Upper and Lower Ridgon Lakes, and Lake Kiwa before looping back to Waldo Lake. Seeing the new growth is interesting. There are many downed, burned trees this year, and there is evidence of fresh clearing of the trail, but there are many downed trees to climb over or around. We stopped for lunch at a lovely lakeshore beach, clearly a popular thing to do, as the jays were waiting for us to start the picnic. Members of the group declared the hike very enjoyable.

Hikers were members: Bill Buskirk, Lynda Chritiansen (leader), Dick Hildreth, Daphne James, Kurt Koivu, Joanne Ledet, Ellen Sather and Elle Weaver; and nonmembers: Chris Pawling and Stever Stifel.

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