Rosary Lakes

September 16, 2007

Lovely fall hike to Rosary Lakes. It was chilly, with a wind blowing off the lakes and infrequent sunshine (but no rain!) Seven of us hiked an additional two or so miles and 500 feet up to Maiden Saddle, looking for a good viewpoint (which eluded us!). We were fortunate to have Chris Pawling on this hike. He had much knowledge about mushrooms, and he identified the following: chanterelle (yellowish, irregular cap, ridges instead of gills); shrimp mushroom (reddish-purple cap, cream colored gills, white to cream stem with sometimes a pink blush at the base of the stem); coral mushroom (looks like coral!); slippery jack (yellow-brown cap, yellow pores on underside instead of gills, slimy cap); and boletus mushrooms of an unknown species. The leader, Julie Dorland, was accompanied by members Beth Roy, Wayne Cleall, and Carol Stout. Paul Seeman just submitted his membership application, and Linda Danielson completed her third hike and is preparing her application. Other nonmembers on the hike were Sarah Nestor, Lynne Tracy, Chris Pawling, and Marleen Marshall.

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