Tamolitch Pool, Sahalie Falls

September 9, 2007

On our way up the McKenzie Highway we stopped at Ellen’s house to enjoy her hospitality and spectacular river views. Our next stop was the Carmen Spawning Channel, a man-made channel designed to aid wild Chinook salmon recovery. In its initial years the channel supported only a handful of fish; late in this season there could be over 100. Over two dozen fish were already in the channel. We got to see some nest-building behavior and view the fish through neon polarized glasses.

The main leg of our journey began near the Trailbridge Campground. When we arrived the gravel road was teaming with people as a race was just ending there. We dropped off hikers, took one car up to Sahalie Falls, and returned with one car. The first 2.1 miles adjacent to the river was premier hiking with old growth and easy walking. Tamolitch Pool was our lunch stop. We continued hiking up along the dry riverbed and ended our hike with half of the scenic Sahalie/Koosah Falls waterfall loop.

Valerie and Art qualify for membership application with this, their third trip and we hope to see Linda soon for her final membership qualifying hike.

Hikers were: Linda Danielson, Daniele Delaby, Laurie Funkhauser, Steve Gunn, Yuan Hopkins, Art Kearney, Valerie Metcalfe, Ellen Sather and Jennifer Baer, leader.

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