Middle Fork Willamette/Indigo Springs to Rd 2153

September 9, 2007

Wonderful hike! Lots of water (including Indigo Springs and Chuckle Springs) and plenty of easy water crossings (variously over bridges, rocks, and logs). The hike starts out in a kind of fairyland forest (to me, anyway!)—lots of undergrowth, heavily forested, lots of moss. Very shaded and beautiful. Quite a few ups and downs. On the ups, a totally different environment—we could feel the temperature increasing as we climbed, more sun, less forest, and lots and lots of rhodies. Then back down and felt the temperature dropping again. Finally, hiked through Paddy’s Valley and again, felt as though we were in another environment. One sting (we don’t know by what), perfect weather. Enjoyable, fun group, including coleaders Chuck Eyers and Julie Dorland, members Barb Revere and Jim Fritz and nonmembers Leigh Almack and Jorry Rolfe.

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