The Twins

September 2, 2007

It was a lovely day for our hike to The Twins; clear, sunny and a comfortable seventy three degrees. The eight of us hiked the 3.3 miles to the North Twin, where we stopped for a leisurely lunch, enjoying the spectacular views of Waldo Lake below and the Cascade Mountain Range to the east. A passing hiker pointed out the unfortunate Black Butt fire, which was just visible in the distance. Several hikers in our group spent some time exploring the South Twin, while others of us kicked back and enjoyed a blissful rest. Just after noon, everyone gathered for a brisk trip down. We then drove a quarter mile to the path to Betty Lake, where some of us opted for a quick dip. The water was sparkling clear and not to cold.

On our way home, we all stopped at the Trail Head cafe for coffee and muffins. It was a perfect late summer outing, and everyone enjoyed the fine hike and good camaraderie. The very nice group of hikers included Obsidians and non members: Siire Berg, Jim Floyd, Kathleen Floyd, Steve Gunn, Daphne James (leader), Kurt Koivu, Susan Sanazaro and Kaushik Vaidyanathan.

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