Lowder Mountain

August 30, 2007

This was a BERRY good hike! On a Thursday, while many people worked, eleven of us hiked up Lowder Mt. It was 94 degrees in Eugene, and because it was rather warm on our hike, we drank lots of water and took our time on the trail. The gravel road was in great condition for the 10 miles we had to travel from the reservoir. The trail was very overgrown in parts. There were many flowers, such as asters, coneflower, baby breath, and pearly everlasting. Aside from lots of scat and bear tracks we saw lots of berries. Besides eating an abundance of thimbleberries (Valarie said they tasted like a strawberry rhubarb pie), there were red huckleberries, banberries, and an unknown orange berry the size and shape of a pea. We left at 8:30 and were home by 4:45. Kurt said it was the best hike he had been on, then told me he has said that on all his hikes.

Hikers were members: Ann-Marie Askew, Bill Buskirk, Jean Coberly, Janet Hall, Diane Jeffcott (leader), Kurt Koivu, Mary Morrison, Julie Richardson and Pat Soussan; and nonmembers: Doug Hintzman and Valarie Metcalfe.

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