Red Butte

August 26, 2007

We gathered at 7 a.m., and eight of us met at SEHS. We picked Barb up en route. The Jefferson Wilderness was a good meeting point for three Chemeketans to join us, giving us a total of 12. Once again, we had an encounter with a ranger from the Detroit Ranger station. He accused us of having 13. Finally he realized he was counting himself. We passed Duffy Lake, Mowich Lake, and at Alice Lake found the trail up Red Butte. The weather was ideal as we reached the summit. There were great views of Three Fingered Jack and The Three Sisters. Mt. Jefferson remained in the clouds. After a good rest we made our way down, with a swim stop at Duffy Lake for Mady.

Hikers were members: Tom Augustyn, Dick Hildreth, Mady Kimmich, Rob Kimmich, Barb Revere, Richard Romm (leader), Chris Stockdale, Kaushik Vaidyanathan and Elle Weaver; and nonmembers: Denise Butler, Mardel Chinburg and Austin Sharp.

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