Constitution Grove to Shale Ridge

August 26, 2007

We started at Constitution Grove, so called because the trees there are as old as the Constitution. The grove has plaques with the names of some of those integral to the creation of the Constitution. The path follows the river for part of the way. We arrived at Shale Ridge in far fewer miles than we had anticipated (forest service miscalculation), so we continued down to Skookum Creek, where we enjoyed lunch. It was a pleasant day, and with the exception of wasps, we saw no wildlife. Three members of the group were bitten, so beware! I saw the biggest Douglas Fir trees I think I have ever seen in Oregon. And, I saw the most unusual trail sign: Constitution Grove/1 mile/No! Hmmm, what am I to make of that??! We thought the sign was correct, since at that point we estimated that Constitution Grove was about one and one-half to two miles away. Lovely group on a lovely hike! Hikers included co-leaders Chuck Eyers and Julie Dorland, members Joanne Ledet, Beth Roy, Walt Dolliver, Nola Nelson, Sachiko Iwasaki, Steve Gunn, Jennifer Baer, Charlie Van Deusen, and Jim Fritz, almost members Wayne Cleall and Caryl Smartt (applications are in and awaiting board approval) and nonmember Dave Compton.

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