Bunchgrass Ridge

July 29, 2007

While the Eugene area stayed under a cloud cover for most of the day, the eight hikers on Bunchgrass Ridge enjoyed a sparkling clear day above the clouds. Visibility was so good we even spotted Mt. Bailey at one time. We had hoped the bear grass would be in full bloom, but no such luck. Even though the trail looks relatively easy on the topo map, it actually is a tough one to hike. Being part of the Eugene-Pacific Crest Trail route, one would think it would be well used but obviously few people go there. In several places it was hard to see where the trail led, and parts of it were pretty over grown. Itís a trail where you can hike for as long as you want, even as far as Waldo Lake. One of our group wasnít quite in the shape he had hoped, so he stayed at our lunch spot while the rest of us explored further into the meadows above Hwy 58. We would have probably gone on further but didnít want to leave our fellow hiker alone too long. This group consisted on Dick Hildreth, Rich Romm, Laurie Funkhouser and her brother, Clay visiting from Beaverton, Paul Flashenberg, Elle Weaver, Paul Brown and leader Chris Stockdale.

Sheep Camp (photo by Laurie Funkhouser)

Clouds in Hwy 58 valley (photo by Chris Stockdale)

Flowers along the trail (photo by Chris Stockdale)

Paul F, Rich, Elle, Paul B, Laurie, Clay and Dick (photo by Chris Stockdale)

Rich, Chris, Clay, Dick, Paul, Clay and Elle (photo by Laurie Funkhouser)

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