French Pete Creek instead of Rebel Creek

July 22, 2007

Since there were only two of us, and since I had reconnoitered the entire Rebel Creek Loop two weeks prior to this trip, I was easily convinced to do a shorter trip due to time constraints. We paid for this spontaneity, however.

We left the French Pete trailhead about 9:30, and had an easy hike until we missed the creek crossing. At this point we were on the north side of the creek, on a barely visible trail that became even less so as we went on. We ended up doing some serious bushwacking on a steep sidehill slope over the creek, in heavy cover. This slowed our progress greatly as it took us over an hour to go a little over a mile.

We finally decided to brave the creek crossing when we got to a suitable location. Of course, after putting our boots back on and locating the very nice (all things are relative) trail, we found that the trail crossed back over the creek on a nice big log about 200 feet from where had just crossed. We had to laugh at the irony — in fact we had both agreed that it would turn out this way.

We proceeded up to the five mile marker on the tree, and then came back down. The trip down took two hours flat, on an over grown, poorly maintained trail. The total hiking time was 5 hours 40 minutes, which is also a little ironic because I did the Rebel Creek Loop in five hours flat — it would have been a shorter trip!

I did get painfully stung by some insects that I never saw. But even this did not detract from an interesting and rigorous jaunt in the woods.

We got back to Springfield at 3:30, and the time-sensitive engagement was met.

The Sullivan guide describes all of this very well. We probably could have saved ourselves a little effort by reading it — we both had our copies with us.

Braving the wilds of French Pete Creek were Laura Kegley, soon-to-be member, and Rich “I finally found the trail” Peevers, leader.

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