Washburne/China Creek Loops

July 17, 2007

As Eugene awoke to a rare summer rain, my phone began ringing with trip cancellations (including potential drivers!). Ten braver souls did face the wet drive to the coast and were rewarded with a wonderful hiking experience. By the time we reached the tidepools (-0.9 tide), the light rain had stopped and a spouting whale just offshore captured our attention. We didn’t see rain again until returning to Eugene’s city limits. As usual, the Hobbit Trail produced no hobbits. . . but we’ll keep looking. A blue heron welcomed us to the beaver pond, which is still going through some strange transformation and looks a bit like a disaster area. By the time we reached the wildflower-filled meadow for lunch — where we found an old Obsidian friend, Sherwood Jefferies waiting to say hello — the weather had warmed up considerably. The rains had turned the moss covered terrain on the China Creek Loop a magical bright green and returned a bit of babble to the babbling brook. Finishing off the hike with the last leg through the campground and back along the shore, we were amazed to see an absolutely flat sea with hardly any breaking waves. As calm as any of us could ever remember seeing. . . and a most pleasant conclusion to a day that had started off so threateningly. Members on the hike were: Julie Dorland (thanks, Julie, for coming by just in case you were needed as a driver and, then, going along with us anyway), Zola Ehlers, Dick Hildreth (driver), Marshall Kandell (driver), Kurt Koivu, Margaret Prentice and Carol Stout (driver). Nonmembers included Felicia and Joel Kenney and Courtney Abbot (a former member planning to be reinstated).

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