Iron Mountain

July 15, 2007

We hiked down into the meadow then across the Hwy. 20 through some old-growth to Cone Peak. It was a little past the optimal wild flower viewing time but still spectacular with a variety of colorful butterflies to urge us on. We continued on around the west side of Iron Mountain then up the zigzagging trail to the lookout on top. The weather cooperated by giving us just a light overcast and a cool breeze as we went up the exposed southern side of the mountain where the flowers kept becoming evermore lovely as we gained altitude. We paused to enjoy a lunch with a view at the top before retracing our steps to the main trail to continue the loop back to the Highway and across completing the hike along the old wagon tracks. Being a small group we made very good time and stopped for much earned ice cream on the drive back.

Hikers were: Norma Bengiat, Doug McCarty, Sookjae McCarty and Janet Hall, leader

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