Tidbits Mountain

July 15, 2007

Twelve hikers met at South Eugene High School by 7:55—everyone was at least 5 minutes early! We loaded everyone into two vehicles (thanks to Allan Coons' van), and headed towards our destination. By judicious driving, we managed to keep the two vehicles together all the way to our rest stop along Road 15 next to Blue River Reservoir. After a brief but welcome stop, we continued up the road and soon found ourselves on gravel Road 1508. One wonders how much longer this access to the trailhead will be available. About 5–6 miles up the road it is being severely undercut—and it is a long way down! We parked our cars at the base of Road 877 to avoid the final 0.2 miles of massive potholes that lead to the trailhead. The weather was perfect—partly cloudy and around 70 as we began our ascent through old growth Douglas fir and innumerable rhododendrons. We saw too many types of wildflowers to mention, but one stood out. We saw at least 20 large (waist high with four+ inch blooms) lilies. We thought we had found a greenhouse in the forest! After the final steep climb to the top, everyone enjoyed a leisurely lunch in the sun. On our way back down through the rock slide, we had a bit of a scare. Josh Emmons inadvertently stepped off the trail and slid about 15 feet down the slope. Fortunately, non-member Courtney Abbot quickly scrambled down the slope and helped Josh back up to the trail. Josh only suffered some minor scrapes, but allowed as how it “scared the ?!!#* out of him!” Us too, Josh. The rest of the trip down was thankfully much less exciting as we arrived at our cars without a hitch. Hikers included members, Allan Coons, Lana Lindstrom, Richard Hughes, Anne Montgomery, Bill Buskirk, Walt Dolliver, Kathy Hoeg, Stewart Hoeg; non-members Courtney Abbot, Eric Nielson, Linda Danielson and junior member, Josh Emmons.

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