Scio Covered Bridge Bike Ride

July 14, 2007

This was actually two rides. Stewart led the first group of “incredibly fast riders” and I led the second of “not incredibly fast riders”. The rides got a late start because the main street of Scio was blocked off for street repairs. The detour proved to be quite lengthy. The day was hot up on the ridge line, cooling to very warm on the valley floor! Stewart’s group was surprised by the wonderful long downhill, not realizing how much elevation they had gained continually on the ridge. They took a 15 minute break at the first bridge and saw two Blue Herons. The group followed the lead of the herons and had something to eat and drink. They got to the third bridge for lunch. A half hour later the slower group showed up. (The second group saw two bald eagles circling on the way to the second bridge. Wonderful!) After lunch Stewart’s group missed the turn onto Oupor Road after leaving the park and discovered it after going 1½ miles and decided to continue on. The second group missed it too, but discovered its error at the top of the first hill, and turned around for the short distance back. Both groups stopped at a tavern in Crabtree for cokes and water bottles filled with ice and water. . . wonderful! We also had four nonmembers from the McKenzie River area who joined us. One had to turn back with a bad knee shortly into the ride, two were supposed to stay with the fast group, but wound up on their own (it’s a long story) until lunch, and the fourth stayed with the slower group. At lunch the two showed up. One went out immediately with the fast group and the second stayed with the slower (not slow!) group. Very confusing to the leader, but it all worked out. First group consisted of Stewart Hoeg (leader), Pam Morris, George Jobanek, Darrell McBee, and in second half of day, nonmember George Letchworth. The second group was Sharon Ritchie (leader), Barb Bruns, Judy Terry, Guy Strahon, Dick Moffitt, Sam Houston, and nonmember Gary Vant Hul and second half of trip nonmember Pat Gripp. My most sincere thanks to Stewart for making this all possible and to Barb Bruns for all her help in making the day somewhat less stressful!

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